Clear Bra Packages


Clear Bra Belle Chasse

Clear Bra or Paint Protection Film (PPF) gives you a great deal of benefits and protection from heavy scratching and rock chips. We only work with top of the line paint protection films and our film of choice is Llumar. This film is ultra transparent, UV stable, hydrophobic and thicker than its competitors. The self-healing properties of your car’s PPF will literally repair itself if there are small blemishes in the film.

If you are one of the many people in the area who own a truck, then clear bra is a great package for you. A really nice part of paint protection film is if you have those big tires on your vehicle and they extend out past the wheel well then you will get damage from rocks on the side panels. With paint protection film this occurrence will no longer damage your paint. The film will heal itself once parked in a sunny area.

If you want to check out the benefits of paint protection film at our brick and motor shop please feel free to stop by or make an appointment so that we can administer a free inspection. Our shop contains a paint protection film demo that shows you firsthand how beneficial the paint protection film is, and the value the film can have on your own vehicle. We offer customizable packages so we can meet any of your requests.  Just ask and we will deliver!

Protect your investment!

Paint Protection Benefits

The PPF benefits of the clear bra application are invaluable to owners who are looking for bumper and headlights, full front kits or full car packages. At Ceramic Pro Belle Chasse we are able to fully customize any clear bra to your individualized needs and protect your paint with the self-healing properties contained within clear bra. These properties protect your clear bra areas from scratches, shingle damage and common wear and tear.

Clear Bra Material

At Ceramic Pro Belle Chasse we only use top of the line products which fit each car individually. We use Llumen products, also known as SunTek. This top of the line material provides higher UV stability, hydrophobic components and a thicker more transparent film. The film itself is invisible and shiny and can be felt, but cannot be seen on the paint of the vehicle.

Popular Packages

We offer customizable packages to cater to all of our clients needs and desires. Some of the most popular packages include protection from the leading edges of the vehicle, fenders, rear fenders, hoods, front bumpers, windshield edges and mirrors.

Popular Candidates for Clear Bra

Some of the most popular types of vehicles that we see entering our shops are low sitting race cars, roadsters and trucks. The reason why these two types of cars are such popular candidates for clear bra is because the design of the car is directly in the path of a lot of those pesky tiny rocks that damage and dent the exterior coat. Keep these damage prone areas protected with clear bra film and drive in peace! If the paint protection film takes on any small projectiles, the film will heal itself once placed in a warm area. The clear bra comes with a ten-year warranty on the film and is stain resistant to common contaminants that plague unprotected cars.

We Use Top of the Line Llumar Clear Bra Film

Clear Bra is the most protective solution on the market for your vehicle. No other protective solution can guarantee protection from rock chips.