Ceramic Pro Belle Chasse Services


Ceramic Pro is the best liquid nano-ceramic protective coating on the market. There are several companies who attempt to replicate these products but it will not be duplicated. At Ceramic Pro Belle Chasse we offer several distinct packages for Ceramic Pro applications: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Sport, Wheel and Caliper, RV & Aviation. There is a package for any car, pilot or marine enthusiast and all of our packages come with warranties. The Sport package has a six month warranty and the Gold Package has a lifetime warranty.

Clear Bra is the king of exterior protection. If you are interested in getting the most serious protection for your car then ¬†clear bra is for you. Clear bra acts as a line of defense between your car’s paint and potentially damaging rock chips. If a rock chip comes into contact with the clear bra surface, the paint will be protected and the clear bra will literally heal itself when parked in a sunny or heated area. At Ceramic Pro Belle Chasse we match the exact size of the application area and guarantee that no bubbling or yellowing of the film occurs.

Protect your investment!

We are a company that is born out of three generations of auto detailers. Passion for cars is in our blood. Our owner has been detailing and working on cars since he was twelve years old and we have had a brick and mortar store since 2007. When it comes to restoring your car’s interior and exterior we are experts. We will make your car feel cleaner on the interior and exterior than it did when you first drove it off the dealer’s lot. If you have swirling or marring on the paint’s surface we can restore the paint to its original luster (or better). Several of our clients take their prized vehicles to our establishment before participating in car shows.

Our experienced team composed of detailers and installers are experts in protecting the interior of your vehicle with high quality tint film. We carry two separate types of window tint our standard package and the ceramic package. Our ceramic tint film is the highest tier offered and significantly limits the ultra violet rays that are allowed into the vehicle. Without even using a very dark film we can extend the life of your interior and protect the leather from fading and peeling, while simultaneously limiting the ultraviolet rays entering the vehicle. Improve your car’s gas efficiency as you will be running your air conditioning less than your unprotected film counterpart.